Catching a cheating spouse is difficult to do on your own, that is why PBI has specialized investigators that are prepared to handle your case. As anyone who has been through this can verify, the key thing about cheating spouses investigations is preperation on your part to deal with the results. It is one thing to be suspicious and its a whole other thing to accept the results. Our Investigators are specialty trained to guide you throught the process, explaining step by step how it works and tips and tools for executing your investigation.

Some of the key points listed below can be indicators that you may have a cheating spouse...

- Working late all of the sudden - Sex patterns change or stop
- Spouse showers upon getting home - Treating you differently
- Perfume or cologne scent - Affection disappears
- Deleted history on web and emails - Increased ATM withdraws

At PBI we are commited to our clients and together our Cyber Team and Field Investigators will work together to provide you with the information you need to pursue your cheating spouse. Our plans give you the tools, including GPS tracking devices to find the truth, after all that's what your seeking. Our team maintains the strictest confidence and we recommend you do the same, because after all, you don't know what your going to find and the last thing you want to do is wreck your marriage or relationship if there is nothing going on.

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Cheating Investigations
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