Utilizing the lasted in real-time GPS and GPRS (cellular data) technology, PBI is equipped with the tools to locate, track and execute any investigation. The age of GPS has been a great tool to help investigators "stay on the case". Years ago, the hardest part of surveillance was "staying cold" or not getting caught or sighted by the subject. Now our investigators can stay at a distance and know when and where our subject is in real-time.

In addition to using GPS for our own use, we also provide this services to our clients, where they can logon to any internet capable computer and track their subject of interest, in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can also customize the frequency of updates, set up email notifications and see a summary of any time frame with the "data logger" feature which will date and time detail on a map of the selected time frame.

This service is the economical and effective way to answer your suspicions and protect your assets. Call PBI now to get started.

GPS Tracking
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