You work hard, pay tons of money to copyright and patent your design or product, then you find out others are using it. Waiting for the proper government agency to get involved could take a long time. By then, your competitor has already started marketing your copyrighted or patented design or product under their name.

Let our investigators get to work for you and get the facts fast and accurate then deliver them to you to take action. As we all know in business time is money. It is the same for the infringer who stole your copyright/patent, except the more time you spend seeking your options, the more money they are making.

Someone selling your material? We can help by having a Field Investigator wired with a wide angled lense hidden camera purchase the product you suspect is infringement. We can also do surveillance to see where the product is coming from, examples are a warehouse, residence, etc.

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Copyright Infringement
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